Version 2.0 Locks, Controllers and Kiosk Options

Available for all installs after April 2017, we have transitioned to our newest version 2 lock and controller hardware. The advantages of version 2 are most apparent for installers with a new Jig mounting method, slots for fine tuning the lock position on the wall and no requirement to open the lock enclosure to connect the cabling. A new wire cover keeps all cabling protected from interference.


The controller v2 hardware features new failsafe "open all lockers now" operation and supports external UPS protection. A simple emergency push button (secured by traditional key) can immediately open all lockers on demand. The new controller v2 can now optionally detect when being powered by UPS and signal to the Master server that power maybe lost soon.

In response to customer feedback we have also increased the flexibility of the Kiosk options for each locker bank. A full touchscreen kiosk is not required for all locker banks, rather some or all may use a small and much lower cost card reader only option. As any touchscreen kiosk can open any locker on the system, this allows customers to reduce the number of full touchscreen kiosks deployed to meet the occasional PIN access for all users, while still allowing swipe card and smartphone operation at each bank.